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There’s MUCH to Catch Up on But We’ll Start Here😭🔥👀

10,000 people have been touched by this album🤯 All I can say is God I thank you‼️

This project was birthed out of a different season of my life (testimony coming very soon). Broken, hurt, traumatized, and unhappy with who I was. As, I found myself coming out of these places, I prayed to God that he’d use what he birthed out of me in a low season and make dead things come back to life for everyone who listened to this project.

To now see that, 10k people have experienced the presence of God through this project reminds me that my posture of worship is not overlooked. God see’s it and he’s honoring it by touching lives through me.

To God be ALL the glory for things he’s done THROUGH SECRETS! And thank you everyone for your support! It’s truly my prayer and hearts desire that, whatever’s had you bound, will be loosed through this project. He’s done if for me😭 and so I know the same God can do the same miracle for you!😭🙌🏾 #rodneyiler #secretslive

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