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Rodney Iler was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in McDonough, GA. As a senior in last year of high school, Rodney attends the LIFE School of Atlanta and serves in ministry at Excel Church Worldwide under the leadership of Pastor K. Francis Smith. Rodney is now known for his prolific gift in songwriting, excellence in leading worship, and professional skills in graphic design. 


Rodney has very many gifts, talents, and passions but one of his most pursued gifts is in business and leadership. It’s always been something he naturally connected with but since 2016, Rodney has been blessed with countless opportunities to expand his connection with these gifts. He received his first opportunity at  Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute as school historian. A year later, Rodney was promoted to school President where he was able to host events such as schoolwide talent shows, bake sales, car washes, and so much more. That opportunity led him to being a part of a young African drum group called, the Nzuri Drummers. Along with being a performance member, Rodney was the group's manager. From bookings, to social media, to finance management, etc. After working with Nzuri for 5 years, looking at all his accomplishments, and seeing all that he can do, Rodney started to launch his own businesses. As always, he started, made mistakes, learned from those mistakes, kept growing and now we are here.


In September 2020 launched the Rodney Iler LLC., with entities such as his music ministry, Rodney Iler Ministries and his flourishing graphic design business, Rodney Iler Designs. Since launching the LLC. Rodney has been blessed with the opportunity to release 2 singles and his debut album entitled Secrets. As he continues to grow and expand in his business and ministry he has a constant reminder of what his goal and mission is, “helping you win as we grow in business together.”

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