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Be Apart of this GREAT EXPERIENCE‼️

Im so excited for my live recording. This is real happening😭 BUUTT... I need a favor from you guys! I need each of you to invest in something bigger than yourself. Bishop @williammurphyiii said you can’t go anywhere your seed doesn’t not go. This is a worldwide project, so your seed will be the beginning of a bigger blessing for yourself. If I can get 500 people to donate $10 we will have covered every fee for the recording! Let’s do it, we got it🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽. There are different ways to send donations! Please share with everyone you know! Repost, screenshot to your Snapchat, Twitter, iMessages. LET EVERYBODY KNOW to donate and be there for this live changing experience. Thank you for your support in advance😆❤️‼️

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